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Teresa's Song

Take My Hand flipped.jpg

This portion of One Hallelujah was created as a reaction to seeing the power of music through personal connection with a friend who was in the final stages of a long battle with cancer. Through this program we hope to:

  • Use the gift of music to uplift the human spirit and help those who are dealing with physical and mental health issues. The intent is to improve the patient experience and quality of physical, mental & spiritual health through music, personalized for each individual.

  • Reach out to as many people as possible by partnering with senior living centers, hospice homes and healthcare facilities locally and regionally.

  • Study the current landscape to find additional areas where music can be used as a tool for healing

  • During the time of social distancing, we will use technology to live-stream performances and interact with patients and families via platforms like Facetime, Zoom and YouTube.

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